We are the only additives distributor in Chile to hold local stock of the products we offer, thus achieving a maximum delivery time of 48 hours.


We support our clients in the development and formulation of new products, always with the vision of being pioneers in our industry. We contribute to their success by delivering the highest quality of professional and personalized service to all our customers and suppliers.


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Our main activity in this area is the distribution of quality petrochemical products across a wide spectrum of services covering fuel, lubricants and chemical industries.

We offer a comprehensive range of products, mainly focussed in those of sustainable and renewable nature.



We are the top brand for everything related to lubricants in the aviation market, both in the private and commercial sectors. Our products are distributed throughout the country, where we provide quality services of excellence to commercial and private aviation market sectors.


We offer a substantial variety products such as piston, turbine and hydraulic oils, as well as greases, insecticides, biocides, and antifreeze for fuels, among others. Always supported by the best brands such as Eastman, Royco, Phillips 66 and others.



We offer a wide variety of dyes for products in all areas  of industry:  Pet Foods, Automotive, Petrochemical, Industrial, Textile, Cosmetics, etc.

Types of Dyes: Granulated dyes, powder colorants, liquid dyes, water based dyes, solvent based, acid dye, direct dye, FD & C dyes and dyes for plastics.

Artificial Dyes: Red 40; Tartrazine; Sunset Yellow; Ponceau 4r; Carmosine; Bright blue; Patent Blue; Indigos; Greens specified to order; custom Browns.

Natural Dyes: Chlorophyll; Turmeric; Cochineal carmine; Paprika; Astaxanthin.

Pigments: Titanium dioxide; Brown Oxide; Yellow Oxide; Green Oxide; Red Oxide; Black Oxide.



We can meet a vast range of requirements for chemical products needed in industry, such as dielectric oils, coolants, hydraulic fluids, cold asphalts and others.



We provide cosmetic and pharmaceutical raw materials with the highest quality standard in the industry.


Solid Vaseline; Liquid Vaseline; Oil Gel; Glycerin; Prepared Bases; Propylene Glycol.