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We offer a wide variety of dyes for products in all areas of industry:  
Pet Foods, Automotive, Petrochemical, Industrial, Textile, Cosmetics, etc.

Types of Dyes: Granulated dyes, powder colorants, liquid dyes, water based dyes, solvent based, acid dye, direct dye, FD & C dyes and dyes for plastics.

Artificial dyes: Red 40; Tartrazine; Sunset Yellow; Ponceau 4r; Carmosine; Bright blue; Patent Blue; Indigos; Greens specified to order; custom Browns.

Natural Dyes: Chlorophyll; Turmeric; Cochineal carmine; Paprika; Astaxanthin.

Pigments: Titanium dioxide; Brown Oxide; Yellow Oxide; Green Oxide; Red Oxide; Black Oxide.

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